Water Damage Restoration

Disasters are a part of life whether they are natural and accidental. Living in the Huntington Beach, CA area, many of these disasters are related to water and floods. Water can be a real enemy to wooden structures, furniture, floors, and other priceless household items. Floods aren’t the only reason for water damage though. You could also have leaking pipes, untightened fittings, over flooding of bathrooms or basements, and damaged sinks or toilets that require water damage restoration.


Nevertheless, these inadvertent circumstances do not mean that your house can’t look beautiful and gorgeous. Water damage restoration is what we do here at Huntington Beach Pro Restoration. We deal with all kinds of water damage problems. In our line of work, timing is everything. The water damage needs to be repaired and patched up as soon as possible. The reason is, if these problems are not fixed soon, they can lead to bigger issues which can cause you a lot more money than you expect. If water damage restoration is not performed soon in such cases, the damage may lead to structural faults making the residence unsafe to live in. Other major concerns can be health risks due to bacterial and fungal growths. Hence, it is essential that if you find any water damage problems in your home, due to floods or any other reason, you contact the professionals here as Huntington Beach Pro Restoration for proper Water Damage Restoration of your homes. 

When employing the Water Damage Restoration services from Huntington Beach Pro Restoration, you can expect the following facilities from us:

  • Total house assessment for the Affected Areas 

The first order of business is assessment, which essentially means that we scope out your place and check for any potential leaks and damages that may need our urgent attention. 

  • Examining the Main Source of Water Damage 

Secondly, when our assessment is complete, we evaluate the root cause of the damage and find out the best possible solution to fix the water leaks and water damage. 

  • Repairing any broken Pipes, Joints, and Fittings 

Next, we employ our skills and expertise to fix the problem at hand. We repair any malfunctioning pipes, leaking roofs, and flooded areas. With our years of experience, we can surely fix any issue. 

  • Taking out the Still Water and Drying  

Our Water Damage Restoration services also include draining water from areas affected by flood using state of the art drainage systems and pumps. This allows a decline of humidity and fungal build up. 

  • Removing any Foul Smells  

Lastly, to allow maximum usage of the space, we deodorize the place to remove any foul stenches left from the humidity and bacterial as well as fungal build up on the surfaces affected by water damage.