Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Mold can grow within 24 hours of water damage and it can cause different types of health risks. Mold removal is a very important part of the restoration of water and fire damages. Mold removal needs an efficient process and proper techniques so that it does not become a cause of health issues. Generally, the reason for mold formation is the stay of accumulated water at a place for some hours. It can cause damage to wooden structures as well as create serious health issues. After fire damages, if we do not take proper measures it can also cause the formation of black mold. Our specialists perform mold removal using the standards indicated by the EPA (environmental protection agency). Our certified professionals offer a free consultation and visit your place to evaluate the situation and perform necessary checks before offering solutions, guidance to you, and devising an action plan. 

Different molds consist of growing microbes, various bacteria, fungus, and algae. These microbes can be very injurious to health. So, it is very necessary to clean the whole damaged place and make sure to remove all these germs to make the environment green and healthy for a living being to breathe. For this, mold removal with proper measures and standards is a very necessary step. When it comes to mold removal processes, it includes proper sanitation, disinfection, and various other anti-bacterial treatments to disinfect the place and make the environment secure safe and healthy to breathe. As humid environments are difficult to breathe in for humans but in contrast, they aid in the formation of mold. It is very important to dry out your place after any leakage and monitor closed places like areas behind cupboards, etc. that have water running behind them because we need to act fast if there are any signs of mold formation. We at Huntington Beach Pro Restoration will guide you in understanding the preventive measures and how to observe your location. 

Our team handles the mold remediation by following some steps, 

  • Inspect the affected area to judge the depth of damage 

  • Determine the intensity and process of disinfection suitable for the place 

  • Prepare the affected place for disinfection 

  • Use effective equipment for mold removal 

  • Use disinfectants for removal of mold particles from the air 

  • Dispose of the mold with safety 

Huntington Beach Pro Restoration gives priority to the health of its customers and makes sure to provide the mold removal facilities according to proper Standard Operating Procedures  (SOP) and standards. Our team is certified and well trained for these processes. Our team will be responsible for disinfecting the place and use high-quality filters to remove dirt and mold particles from the air. After that, our Huntington Beach team will dispose of the waste according to green environment standards to keep everyone safe from any infectious diseases in the future.