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Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most desired renovation projects any homeowner can decide to do.  It can also be a challenge to you in terms of what you ultimately want to have.  This is because of the many options available for renovating your kitchen.  Here at Huntington Beach Pro Restoration we make this process go a lot smoother in terms of design, construction and installation.  This is because of our extensive experience and process to help alleviate the stresses of kitchen renovation.  One of the challenges faced with a home is the space in which the kitchen remodel must take place.  Not to mention keeping it all within budget.  Then there is the time factor in which the kitchen remodel must be completed.  The reasons to remodel are often numerous with a new kitchen remodel, but all-in-all it is worth the investment.  That's because these types of projects will create a better living environment, better usage of space and increase the overall home value.  We want to help you achieve this by creating, designing and fulfilling on this dream.


Let’s start with the space you want to remodel.  Having a fully functional, comfortable and larger space may be some of the top reasons to expand your kitchen.  Our job is to look at every aspect of the kitchen, including the cabinets, sink area, countertops, flooring, lighting and appliances.  All of these have to fit nicely and function extremely well within the space given.  We also can look to expand on the existing space to accommodate the desired outcome of the kitchen.  The planning of this area needs to be meticulously considered when designing the kitchen.  Otherwise it can cause unforeseen issues later on.  We don’t want this to happen.  Our proven processes ensure that you will have a wonderful  and beautiful area for meal preparation for you and your family for years to come. 


Cabinets are a huge part of the kitchen renovation.  We look forward to helping you envision the perfect design to create the maximum storage space for all your utensils, glassware and cookware.  We can help you look at everything from custom cabinets to having cabinets that have been pre fabricated.  We look at everything including the right height for your kitchen cabinets, for easy access for you and your family.  


Appliances are a great way to upgrade your kitchen’s aesthetics and function.  Most new appliances are now engineered to be energy efficient and deliver excellent cost savings.  We can help in this process of selection or leave that to you if you’ve already made up your mind on which brands to go with.  We also want to keep in mind that a kitchen needs space for other small appliances and cookware.  We make sure to keep these desires and needs in mind when setting up the electrical and lighting fixtures.


Lighting and ventilation is another important factor when it comes to designing your kitchen remodel.  Many times we must create custom ventilation and lighting in order to accommodate the needs for cooking meals.  Lighting can also add tremendously to the ambiance and mood when entertaining family and friends.  We look closely at how this will play out and deliver on what you are looking to accomplish.


Countertops are also a huge part of the kitchen remodel and can not be emphasized enough.  Investing in good quality countertops is a smart idea.  It not only helps to enhance the overall cooking and aesthetic experience but in terms of home value is a strong selling point of any home.

Flooring plays another huge part in the renovation of a kitchen.  Many people will often comment on a home's kitchen floor.  Depending on the type of kitchen, cabinets and design will often influence the floors and vise versa. What you decide to go with is a big decision.  We have excellent suggestions to help with your decision process of your kitchen floors. 

At Huntington Beach Pro Restoration we not only want to deliver on everything you could want in your kitchen.  We want to be your go to consultants on every aspect of your remodel.  This is the most important aspect of the kitchen remodel.  You must feel comfortable tell us what you want and need in your project.  We want to be your guide along the way and deliver a kitchen remodel within your budget.  Please give us a call today and we can help assess your goals and make your experience be one that you truly enjoy.

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