Room Additions Huntington Beach

Room Additions

When looking to add a new room to your home look no further than Huntington Beach Pro Restoration.  We specialize in room additions and are experts at taking existing space and maximizing it to fulfill your vision.   With our years of experience regarding room remodels we’ve managed all types of renovation projects, from the very small to the very large room.  With our capabilities we’ve expanded homes in any number of configurations.  This includes bedroom, bathroom, home office, media room, sun rooms, bar, or in-home gym.  If you can think of it, we can build it.


The premium room remodels we can offer to homeowners in the Huntington Beach area are all designed, constructed and delivered in a very precise manner.  This also means we leave nothing to chance for you to have a visually appealing room addition.  By adding to the beauty of your home increases the overall look and feel to your household.  At the same time we want to ensure that the build is constructed to last a lifetime and beyond.  This includes but not limited to:


  • Resistant to any damage from insects and moisture.

  • All materials are sourced from sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly materials.

  • When it comes to installing appliances we use ENERGY STAR compliant 

  • We look for additional ways to improve the room additions efficiency for HVAC that may be installed.


We take pride in selling top of the line room additions to homeowners throughout the Hunting Beach area.  By having all of our designers, contractors and installers in-house we are able to manage the project and have it completed in a timely fashion.  We are also able to maintain top level quality control because there are no outside issues.  This is an extremely important aspect when choosing a top remodeler.  It can be the difference between a seamless endeavour to a project that could have issues later on.  In addition to having everything in-house all of our experts are factory trained and certified.  As mentioned, they are employees and never subcontracted out.  We take care of everything!


Once we’ve completed your addition, you'll have a wonderful new space that will allow you and your family to fulfill something that many dream of doing.  The feeling our clients get the moment they see the finished product is that of a wonderful feeling.  They can tell from the level of craftsmanship and good old fashioned hard work that their home addition was the perfect add-on to the home.  Not only for the extra space but also for the added value to the overall home.  They quickly realize just how smart of an investment it was.


For more information about any room additions you may have please contact Huntington Beach Pro Restoration today.  One of our experienced project managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have and speak with you about any detail regarding your vision.  We will also be able to discuss the excellent products and services we have available.  Lastly, they will be happy to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation for you.

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