Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Flood and water damage aren’t the only causes of property damage. Fire is one of the leading reasons that can effectively cause the destruction of homes on a very large scale. According to a recent study, over 35000 fires over a period of a year have caused about 1.4 billion US dollars’ worth of property damage in the United States alone. Fire damage can be caused by various reasons prevalent of which is electrical distributions and lighting equipment. However other reasons include cooking equipment, home barbecues, smoking indoors, candles, faults of children, defective wiring, and use of flammable liquids. Even a single spark from any of these sources can burn down the largest of structure and cause huge property damage. Fires mainly target wood structures, furniture, household goods, decorations, and it can even bring down cement structures.


Safety hazards like the ones mentioned above cannot only cause wreckage of your homes but also leave a massive hole in your wallet. However, in order to move on and get ahead of the situation, experts are needed to restore what can be saved and properly discard the things that can cause further problems. One of the major problems that are imminent after a fire is mold formation. The reason is that extinguishing fires requires large amounts of water and after the fire goes out, the whole area becomes damp. Hence, becoming a breeding ground for fungi and mold. So, taking special care needs to be taken while performing Fire Damage Restoration. When you employ Huntington Beach Pros, we offer the following facilities during our Fire Damage Restoration services. 

  • The first step to any fire damaged place is analysis. Finding out the reason for the damage and removing or repairing those areas. Followed by pointing out the source of the fire and removing it. 

  • The next step is searching for any assets that are unharmed by the fire and removing them from the wreckage. This ensures that there is no further damage to those assets and they can be cleaned and restored easily. 

  • Furthermore, the whole fire damaged area is cleaned up by getting rid of any soot, burnt objects, and other wreckage. The subsequent process includes deodorizing the area. This allows the area to be used again in the future.   

  • Lastly, during our Fire Damage Restoration service, we also ensure that the dampness and humidity don’t cause mold to form on any surfaces. We detect any zones that have the possibility of mold formation and ensure that the area is cleaned.


Huntington Beach Pro Restoration are always ready for any unfortunate incidents that take place and prepared to take quick actions so that no further losses can occur.